Mangrove Infoline Database
Mangrove Infoline Database: A database of mangrove plants with protein/enzyme sequence information is a comprehensive web-based database, used to facilitate retrieval of information related to the mangrove species. Mangroves are rich source of medicines and economically important as observed from the various mangrove species around the world. In this database user can find mangrove plants family names, botanical names, common / vernacular names (Languages), physical characteristics, geographical distribution, taxonomy ID, parts of the mangrove plants being used for medicinal purposes, number of chemical constituents used to cure deadly diseases, protein/enzyme sequences of different mangrove plants extracted from NCBI’s protein sequence database, useful references and attractive images of mangrove plants. The data have been collected from various literatures/journal, different web sites, wetlands ecology and management journals, Springer Link Online Journal, NCBI, PubMed, Uniprot, Australian Institute of Marine Science, Various search Engines like ENTREZ, Google and Google Scholar etc. This database contains information related 100 Mangrove species containing 40 True Mangroves, 30 Minor Mangroves, and 30 Associate Mangrove along with protein sequences extracted from them. Main focus of this database is to provide information about the mangrove plants and their physical characteristics, geographical distribution, geographical distribution, medicinal importance, proteins/enzyme sequences extracted from mangrove plants having medicinal values through web based approach. This database would be useful to Researchers, Botanists, Scientists, Pharmacologists, Biologist, Chemists, Biochemist, Doctor/Pharmacists, Teachers, Students, home-user, and especially to mangrove lovers and social workers. This attempt has been made to inculcate importance of mangroves and their uses in order to create social awareness about the rich Biodiversity informatics & Plant Bioinformatics
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